I.N.G. FIXATIONS, Inventeur et fabricant Français de fixations depuis 1985

Our Story

Who are we ?

Creator and manufacturer of fixings for all trades since 1985

Born an inventor, François Inglese founded I.N.G. Fixations in 1985 with the aim of commercialising the unique I.N.G. procedure (‘Installation Nouvelle de Gonds’ – new pintle fitting procedure), which enables shutter pintles to be fitted in resin. Before the success of this new fitting method, Inglese decided to produce shutter pintles in-house and thereby position I.N.G. Fixations as a fully-fledged manufacturer..

Always driving a policy of innovation, supported by and thanks to the confidence of his distributors, François Inglese and his team have been committed to listening to craftspeople so as to meet their needs and create more effective products for over 35 years now (see the timeline below). The launch of the FIX-RING in 1997 resulted in the company receiving several awards (‘Trophée de l'innovation Haute-Loire’ – innovation award), Award for Innovation in Technology from Harvard Business School and ‘Trophée INPI de l'innovation’ – INPI Innovation Award etc.)

Today, I.N.G. Fixations is a family business evolving over time with its staff who work hard every day to propose solutions that meet market requirements as closely as possible.


Our Story

11984I.N.G process for fitting shutter hingesProcedure for fitting shutter pintles with resin
11986Wall plug for carpentry applicationsLong wall plug that expands into several holes in hollow materials
11986PINTLE I.N.G ISOHinge for offsetting shutters in external insulation
11987Wall plug for joist hangerSpecial wall plug for mounting a water heating system; plug expands into several holes in hollow materials
11987Mounting water heating systemsSpecial wall plug for mounting a water heating system; plug expands into several holes in hollow materials
11997FIX-RINGFastening ducts and tubes in any material
11998FIX-RING +Fastening electrical conduits in any materia
12000CONNECT-RINGConnecting sleeve for ducts and tubes
12005FAST-RINGConnection for attaching a tube to an existing tube
12005FIX-ASPHALTEResin anchor for asphalt
12007Fixing for awningsResin anchor for awnings in hollow materials
12009TUB-RINGFastening multilayer tubing in any material
12014Clou résineSafety fixing in hollow materials
12016Quick-fix nutM6 threaded washer, hand tighten
12017RapidoThreaded rod hanger for use directly in concrete
12018IZY 7
12020Launch of the new websiteEstablishing even closer relationships with our customers and providing them with even more services

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Production capacity


Production sites

The company set up in the Puy en Velay factory (5000 m2) in 1991 and opened the second production site in the city of Monistrol-sur-Loire in France (5000 m2) in 2000.

All the teams at I.N.G. Fixations (production, packaging, order picking, procurement, marketing and finance) are at your service every day

A tailored service


staff members

A strong regional link


years of collaborating with ESAT

I.N.G. Fixations has worked with ESAT (Etablissement et Service d'Aide par le Travail – vocational rehabilitation centre) for over 25 years now.

Today this involves collaborating with over one-hundred people across the five ESAT in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region as well as two teams integrated into the very heart of the production areas of each site.

17 exclusive technical sales representatives led by two commercial directors operate throughout the country as well as French Overseas Departments and Territories.


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Average number of orders sent per day in France and for export abroad.

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A large network




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You can find I.N.G abroad – our products are exported to over 30 countries around the world.